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Long time member Robbie sent his gallery request asking me to go for a walk wearing a wrap over dress with lots of pics of my half slip peeking out. I hope you like the pale pink satin half slip I chose for you, just look at the 6'' lace hem and I think you will agree, it was certainly peeking out! Do you like my retro dress Robbie and my retro sling-backs? Thank-you for the request Robbie, it was great fun shooting your gallery.

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After meeting up with some rather posh friends on Sunday morning for coffee I return home and decide to shoot a gallery as I was feeling kind of 'naughty.' I am soon out of my Sunday best and let you see one of my favourite slips, a gorgeous silky soft chocolate coloured full slip with oodles of lace. I am also wearing co-ordinated lace top hold ups and some animal print accessories.

50 Picture Gallery Added 27 July 2009

62 Picture Gallery Added 24 July 2009





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Long time member, Masahiro from Japan requested  a secretary gallery and wanted me to wear black bra, panties, stockings, suspenders, boots and of course not forgetting the black half slip! I kind of guess you like black undies Masahiro! Thank-you for your request. Next weeks request sees me taking a walk for lovely Robbie in 'ROBBIE'S RAMBLE'

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Take two slips and two cami tops, add suspenders, white stockings, heels and lacy blue panties. Mix them all up and you get two sets of sexy undies all in one!

62 Picture Gallery Added 20 July 2009

62 Picture Gallery Added 17 July 2009





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Today's request comes from Brent who wrote ''my request is very simple, you say you sleep in a slip every night so I would love to see a gallery of you undressing and removing your stockings and getting into bed. Please wear a slip of your choice, preferably a full slip. Thank-you'' I chose a gorgeous satiny burgundy Charnos slip for you Brent and yes I really do sleep in a slip every night! it feels yummy! A big thank-you to Robbie, Tim, Masahiro, Derek and Tyrone for your requests, they are on their way guys. x

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Seems lots of you like my outdoor shots so here is another gallery for you. Yesterday I got in the car and went for a drive and ended up in a field. My tight cream skirt and see through blouse soon come off as I expose my pink satin half slip with matching bra and black bodysuit. Lots of topless shots in this set guys and keep a lookout for the last shot, lets say its a little cheeky!

57 Picture Gallery Added 13 July 2009

64 Picture Gallery Added 10 July 2009





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Miss Phenie becomes increasingly naughty in this final part of Trevor's request showing lots of pantyhose rear shots an much more! Maybe Miss Phenie will be back to teach her members a thing or two more!

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Home from lunch with friends and I am sitting on my terrace reading the newspaper when suddenly I get the urge to remove my tight pencil skirt and then undo my satin blouse revealing a most gorgeous silver 'Charnos' slip. In this set you get to see lots of stocking tops and some nice topless shots...SO DID MY NEIGHBOURS!!!

43 Picture Gallery Added 06 July 2009

52 Picture Gallery Added 03 July 2009





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Well things in Miss Phenie's class are a little bit different! It seems you actually get rewarded for being naughty. Trevor was asked to stay behind and as a punishment he has to watch his teacher firstly put on her tan ultra shine tights and then undress down to her black satin half slip and red bra and panties. Look out for part 2 of your request gallery next Monday Trev, where teacher gets even more revealing! Wow you must have been one extremely naughty boy!

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Well Gino, this is really what you asked for - multi slips! Not sure if you noticed that I am actually only wearing 9 of the 10 slips I wore in part 1? The little white petti was so tight I could not squeeze it on over another 5 slips! Never mind, I hope you enjoyed your gallery?

50 Picture Gallery Added 29 June 2009

55 Picture Gallery Added 26 June 2009





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This weeks request comes in two parts and was sent in by a really sweet member, Gino, who has a passion for multi slips. I selected 10 half slips from my collection for you and thought you would like to see me modelling each one separately over a rather sexy satin mini slip. Part 2 of this set will see me layering all 10 slips one at a time!

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It was so warm last night that I thought a little paddle would cool me down. However, it actually made me hotter as I got this sudden urge to be naughty and remove my dress!!! Not sure if it was just the calm night air that caused it but anyway lots of passers by seemed to be taking double glances at my silky black slip and red bra/panties. Just think that as a member you get to take as many glances as you like! So why not come and JOIN in the fun?

62 Picture Gallery Added 22 June 2009

60 Picture Gallery Added 19 June 2009





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Well Steve, you asked for the secretary look which seems extremely popular with you guys and requested that I wear a skirt suit, plain black half slip with black lacy bra, black lace panties, black tights and high heels. I chose a pair of red heels and added a gorgeous black satin camisole to finish off the look for you. Great request Stevie!

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Today I am wearing one of my favourite slips for you. It is  a gorgeous satiny vintage slip in a rich chocolate brown colour with beautiful cream lace; nice enough to eat! Firstly I undress and cool down in the shower, in my slip of course! and after that I am just wandering around in my slip before I get dressed for the evening.

62 Picture Gallery Added 15 June 2009

68 Picture Gallery Added 12 June 2009





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This week Stephen requested me to be his seductive aunt! He sent me a list of things he wanted me to wear, including button through dress, pink full slip with long line bra, black hold ups with plain tops and black heels. I decided to wear my hair up for you Stephen and hopefully I got the 'aunt' look right for you? I have had so many requests from members who want to 'dress me' and I am shooting them in order I receive them so please be patient guys, I can assure you I will be doing all your requests and I am really enjoying working through them so keep them coming. x

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On a really hot day, as I am getting ready for work I decide to put on the air conditioning to cool me down but it does not work. So it is off with my heels and robe and on with a pair of flat shoes as I need to stand on the table to try and repair the unit. I cannot fix it and its getting hotter so of course I have to strip off down to my basque and naughty transparent mini slip. Lots of topless shots this week guys! Hope you like. x

61 Picture Gallery Added 08 June 2009

57 Picture Gallery Added 05 June 2009





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Eugene requested the secretary look, wearing my glasses and asked me to wear a white full slip with black bra, suspenders and stockings plus white heels, all to be worn under a business suit. Let me know if it meets your approval Eugene. x

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Lovely member Mr.Op sent me his request. He certainly knew what undies he wanted me to wear. He requested a black half slip with lots of lace, see through white lacy bra, black fishnets, black lacy full panties and white heels (almost forgot the white heels Mr. Op) When it came to what to wear with his choice he was not too sure, so we discussed different options and together we came up with this combination. I think we did good Mr. Op. hugs and kisses.

60 Picture Gallery Added 01 June 2009

56 Picture Gallery Added 29 May 2009





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For this gallery I decided to do something a little different! I am wearing 3 full slips and as I remove my black slip I get an uncontrollable desire to cut my white slips straps! Don't ask! Then as I cut into the hem I continue to literally  rip my slip off! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

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This week its Shawn's choice of clothing. He asked for me to wear a skirt suit, plain white half slip, red lacy bra with red silky panties, dark tan tights and black strappy heels. He also asked for bent over and sole shots. The secretary look seems very popular with you guys so this is me dressed in Shawn's outfit, ready to leave for the office but I somehow get sidetracked! It's your fault Shawn! Hope you like your gallery and the kiss on the last pic is for you. x

56 Picture Gallery Added 25 May 2009

61 Picture Gallery Added 22 May 2009





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After visiting a friend I catch the last train home and cannot resist showing you glimpses of my gorgeous new red slip, which was a gift from 'Richard' a really nice member. When I get off the train and I am walking home I decide to show you the slip in all its glory so it's time for my skirt to come off, then my jacket, then my I too naughty?

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Lovely long time member Dave requested me to be a secretary and wanted me to wear a pleated skirt, knee length white half slip with lace hem, white lacy bra, white panties, stockings/suspenders and knee boots. Hopefully this meets your requirements Dave and thank you so much for your loyalty as a member. x

55 Picture Gallery Added 18 May 2009

51 Picture Gallery Added 15 May 2009





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Please could you wear a full slip AND a half slip with tan tights, this would be my ultimate image of you! So Gavin here you have it, I chose a gorgeous mocha Charnos full slip and a lovely baby blue satin half slip for you. The combination seems to work don't you think? Oh and I thought I would shoot this gallery whilst pressing some of my other silky slips, hope you approve?

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Rays of sunshine were flooding through my window one morning so I thought the effect of the light on a silky satin slip would be quite exciting! I chose to wear a cerise satin 'La Senza' tie side slip with matching bra, black fishnet stockings/suspenders. I thought the effect was lovely, does it work for you?

40 Picture Gallery Added 11 May 2009

50 Picture Gallery Added 08 May 2009





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I go to bed in my satin half slip and camisole but after a restless sleep I decide to get up and make an early start. I thought seeing me first thing in the morning may appeal to some of you, so I put on a bit of bright pink lippy and a pair of heels and this was the result. Not my most glamourous I am sure you will agree! Let me know if you like this type of 'fly on the wall' kind of set and I can do more for you.

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I have had lots of 'Dress Me' requests so please be patient as I am working my way through them as quickly as possible folks and I am doing them in order that I receive them which seems to be the fairest way.

This week it's the turn of Kevin, his request form read; White mini full slip, No bra, black nylon full panties, black lace top stockings and black suspenders and his choice of footwear was white boots. The outerwear he wanted was simply a short coat. Great selection Kevin, I thought your combination looked really sexy together, hope you like it too!

42 Picture Gallery Added 04 May 2009

46 Picture Gallery Added 01 May 2009





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When I got home from my walk in the wind I thought the combination of my mink coloured full slip and my chocolate brown half slip was so nice that you may want to get a closer look.

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Well its time for me to start fulfilling your 'dress me' requests. We start with a very simple one from Brian in Australia who was the first to send me his wish list and asked if I would wear just a slip and heels with bare legs, doing a spot of housework. Hope this is what you had in mind Brian.

58 Picture Gallery Added 27 Apr 2009

39 Picture Gallery Added 24 Apr 2009





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I received a very unusual request from Derek recently ''Lady PHENIE, I love your legs and they look great when you have them crossed so could you do more photographs of you sitting down please?'' Well this set is focusing on my legs for you Derek and entirely sitting down shots. I think the paper nylon vintage slip and glossy stockings look lovely together, don't you?

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Seems lots of you enjoyed the '1953' gallery I did a while back and you have asked for more! So I have moved on to 1957 for this set. I am emulating the Chanel look here and when I remove my animal print jacket and my skirt you get to see the most amazing vintage full slip made by 'Lux Lux' and don't you just love the open toe 4'' heels?

56 Picture Gallery Added 20 Apr 2009

74 Picture Gallery Added 17 Apr 2009





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Seems you guys have taken to my sister in quite a big way and want to see more of her. The outfit she chose for this gallery needed red shoes and as Jeanie has none suitable it was a case of Phenie to the rescue! This prompted an idea that could be fun!...If any member would like to see my sister wearing anything from MY WARDROBE used in past galleries of mine simply let us know. So why not become a member to join in the fun? The results could be VERY INTERESTING!!!

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Another sunny day and another trip to the beach. It got a lot warmer than I thought and I did not go prepared so end up sunbathing in my gorgeous 'Charnos' half slip and my blue velvet balcony bra!!! I got some strange looks that day I can tell you.

38 Picture Gallery Added 10 Apr 2009

66 Picture Gallery Added 10 Apr 2009





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Nathan wrote ' What if you went for a walk on a windy day in a flared skirt and we got to see lots of your skirt blowing up showing your slip? That is my request Phenie' I did just that Nathan and actually took off my skirt for you as you will see as I am walking down the road in a beautiful chocolate brown 'Gossard' half slip. See if you can notice I am wearing a full slip too!

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This is the last batch of pictures from my lost and found I'm afraid, so I hope you enjoy them. Don't forget I love to receive your requests and have great fun trying to satisfy your dreams and fantasies. It really is my pleasure!

74 Picture Gallery Added 06 Apr 2009

64 Picture Gallery Added 03 Apr 2009





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Bill commented 'You should be on a pedestal Lady P!' Thank-you for that Bill as it gave me this idea! I thought I would do a gallery actually stood on a pedestal and chose to wear the most sexy satin mini slip with suspenders and stockings of course along with satin gloves. You did say you like the 'no bra' look under a slip Bill so this is especially for you.

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There is something very beautiful about bridal underwear, maybe it's the whole virginal white thing? Or maybe it's the feel of the long satin slip swishing around the ankles of my bridal stockings? Anyway I hope you like the outfit...and no I did not get married!

44 Picture Gallery Added 30 Mar 2009

50 Picture Gallery Added 27 Mar 2009





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Mike sent me a lovely retro floral slip as a gift and asked 'In return Would you be so kind as to photograph yourself receiving my gift and trying it on over ANOTHER slip please?' Well that day I was wearing one of my favourite slips under a tight skirt so off came the skirt and on went your slip Mike. It was a wee bit tight but I loved it. Thank you!

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Marlon wrote in with this request, 'Please please please more of the flowery half slip and camisole Lady Phenie, It is the most beautiful set I have seen and can we have some close up shots too please' Here you have it Marlon and I have added a few more close up shots for you.

43 Picture Gallery Added 23 Mar 2009

43 Picture Gallery Added 20 Mar 2009





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I have received these pictures from another lady who loves to wear silky slips and has a collection almost as big as  mine. She is from the UK and who knows - you might be seeing more of her over the coming weeks.

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Another members request folks! T. MIKKA asked ''Are we going to get more of you in your thigh high boots Lady Phenie? They are so sexy! Of course dear sir. I am wearing them with a little denim mini skirt and underneath a very sexy multi coloured satin mini slip which I adore. Take a close look at the beautiful deep lace on my stocking tops guys, pretty special eh?

17 Picture Gallery Added 20 Mar 2009

74 Picture Gallery Added 16 Mar 2009